Open Call – deadline passed
Opening Screening
17th March 2023

Niagara Falls Projects
Paolo Arao, David J. Batchelor, Duncan Bullen, Jacob Clarke, Joseph Coniff, Doris Erbacher, Laurence Grave, Richard Grivelle, May Hands, Rupert Hartley, Reinis Lismanis, Nick Naber, David Murphy, Jonathan Murphy, James William Murray, Jan van der Ploeg, Martin Seeds.
November 2022

Grey Area Gallery
Trouble with Them
Talulah Miers, Daniella Norton, Betty O’Connell-Rogers, Daniel Pryde-Jarman, Clare Sheppeard, Mike Stokes, Joshua Uvieghara, Alice White.
July 2022

Jakob Kroon Gallery
A Cloth Over a Birdcage
Annalaura Palma, Elin Karlsson
May 2022

Now and Again Gallery
To the Studio
Al Daw, Sarah Cooney, Daniella Norton
March 2022

Tilting at Windmills
Kara Hearn / Mocksim
February 2022

Twentysix gallery closures and one nonclosure
Gallery Closed
January 2022

Pissing Against the Moon
Camila Caneque, Courtney Snow, Daniella Norton, Jon Carritt and Dan Palmer, Mocksim, Wayne Lucas.
November 2021

Dysfunctional Pleasures
Daniella Pink / Joseph Cartwright / Ty Locke
October 2021

Poppy Whatmore / Hermione Allsopp
September 2021

“It’s What’s Inside”
Lucy Brown / Sarah Pager
August 2021

Never Seen and Yet Believed In
Scott Robertson / Sid and Jim
July 2021

Object Q / The Pursuit of Happiness
Garth Gratrix / James William Murray
May 2021

neither here nor there
Izabela Brudkiewicz / Monica Ross
December 2020 / May 2021

Unrequited Like
Motion Sickness
October 2020

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail
Ty Locke, Bill Leslie, Sid and Jim, Lucy Delano, Guy Bigland, Ally McGinn, Louise Bristow, Andee Collard, Camila Caneque, Lisa Scantlebury, Annie Carpenter, Gabriella Gilmore, Jon Carritt & Dan Palmer.
November 2019